Nuremberg/Munich – In his black book 2018, the Association complained on Tuesday about a planned bike and pedestrian bridge at Munich Central station, the construction cost increased from 18 to 26 million euros. The bill, the taxpayers, pay the Association criticized.

The tax number Federal also referred to as a authorities breakdown, in Augsburg, which could have cost the city millions of euros. The background is a late grant application for non-municipal day-care centres, the youth welfare office last summer. Only a change in the law of the Bavarian state Parliament had preserved in Augsburg prior to the repayment of a grant of more than EUR 28 million.

Central station-new building: Our map showing what is where planned.

Between Donnersberger – and hacker bridge will be built a new road over the tracks. The town decided in the spring of 2015, the 18 million Euro project.

Then, in the spring of 2017, the construction costs have exploded totally.