9. Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson:

secret love-shock in 9. Month!

SHE was in the ninth month of pregnancy, when HE was caught Cheating. From sheer shock I started having contractions with her – fall-birth! Sister Kim swore: “I hate him!” Later it came out: The basketball players had gone for the more common external! During the pregnant Khloe had innocently posted an idyllic couple photo after the other. The Horror of every mother-to-be! Worse still, Khloe has the good-for-nothing all that Serious warping and posts now more “Happy Couple”photos, as if never been something. Is it still masochism or pure madness?!

Goosebumps: ten out of ten!

8. Lady Gaga & Bradley Copper: Acoustic Torture!

Okay, in the cinema-tearjerker “A Star is Born” you play a loving couple, but from the Trailer it sent shivers down my back. No one should ever sing in films! Certainly not Lady Gaga. ‘ve never understood why people find her music good. The Intrusive Geturtel of the two main characters, added to this is then garnished with a Story that would describe my 11-year-old cousin as “corny” and the cinematic Horror is perfect. Goose bump factor: four out of ten!

“Adam seeks eve” About Gina-Lisa Lohfink naked on the island

7. Gina-Lisa Lohfink & anyone who trusts in “Adam and Eva” with her flirting.

The Trash-blonde is Naked in the “Star” of the new season of RTLs-dome show and ordered before the beginning of shooting, apparently, again quickly “all at once, so hard it goes” when Beauty Doc you trust. Up injected, plumper, artificial because the power of the former “Germany’s Next Topmodel”candidate, is now gradually Frankenstein’s bride-to-be competition. And the also still naked, and on the high seas. Since the Turn on is really a test of courage.

Goosebumps: ten out of ten!

6. Heidi Klum & her “Tokio Hotel”-Toyboy: Insta-Terror!

No other couple has his private happiness in love this year, so obtrusively in the social media. All should know that it is fucking TRUE love between the two. And not just a, uh, Mistake. Stress pur! Because to be Heidi’s Motto seems to be: If it’s not on Instagram, it never happend! The Smartphone is whipped out, therefore, even in bed, and when riding a Bicycle. Let’s see how long Instagram-denier Tom are you still up for the theatre. For Heidi, the Whole is only to Horror, when the relationship ends and you have to delete the whole nonsense again. This is likely to cost you days!

goosebumps factor: six out of ten!

Party panel: grandma’s, corpse, werewolf: The spectacular Halloween costumes from Heidi Klum Fullscreen

In the past year, she has made it to the end exciting: Supermodel Heidi Klum refrained from 2017 to early warnings to your Halloween costume. Some feared that the party could fail after their separation from art dealer Vito Schnabel. But far from it. The 45-Year-old’s Halloween-a professional and organised since the year 2000, a creepy Party in New York or Los Angeles. In her last costume, Klum was by the legendary “Thriller”Video by Michael Jackson for inspiration, and came as a werewolf.

©Craig Barritt/ for SVEDKA Vodka

5. Meghan & Harry: Mrs. & Mrs. Perfect!

The royale dream drives some Singles and couples alike to the brink of madness. The two in front are exaggerated sympathetic, eloquent, attractive, engaged, madly in love … And suddenly life comes to his own love of crazy … usually. Or they kidnapped you before the second Date for a luxury Safari to Botswana?! . Goose bump factor: three out of ten.

Royals in Australia: the First relaxed, then risky: Harry and Meghan Sydney Fullscreen

visit loving glances at Bondi Beach: On the fourth day of their trip to Australia Meghan Markle and Prince Harry visited the most famous beach of Sydney. Quite unpretentious, the two settled on Blankets in the Sand, and spoke with a group of surfers called “One Wave”, which takes care of people with mental illness. Harry himself has addressed several times in the past publicly his own problems after the death of his mother Diana. Together with his brother, Prince William, and his wife Catherine, he called the project “Heads Together”, taking care of the Affected.

©Saeed Khan-AFP

4. Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin: clap for the Ex!

Six week you have dated, then Justin announced in Instagram engagement. And the wedding was promptly followed! The absolute Horror for Justin’s Ex, Selena Gomez, checking in just first for depression, in a Psycho-clinic. Seven Years (!) she had led a On/Off relationship with the daredevil Bieber, him the teeth bite… And this is the thanks I get. Goose bump factor: seven out of ten.

3. Beyonce & Jay-Z: exploited family quarrels!

On their joint Album “Everything Is Love” have been unpacked, the two Megastars of this year, just to be tough all of their marital problems and the internals of the last ten years and as an investment you can see. Page jumps (supposedly even with a sister-in-law), humiliation, feelings of guilt, their riches… The two put EVERYTHING on the table. But what for actually?! For art, the a say. Because nothing Better is thought of, find the other. Horny on money, you might say. Because that is what the two are talking on this Album most of all.

goosebumps factor: four out of ten.

Hells Angel When Beyoncé is able to forgive your unfaithful husband, then you can do it too!

2. Daniel Völtz & Christina: war of the roses when “the Bachelor”!

In the “Bachelor”Finale, he cooed: “I love you!” But, RTL is no longer blechte for luxury hotels and helicopter flights or 24/7 flowed Free Prosecco, it was everything. Nevertheless, the two stayed together for a while – to be able to many of the beautiful TV appearances as a Couple, continue to exercise. In front of the cameras, Christina burst the collar: “We are not a Couple more!” After that, it sparks a public. Christina made the Rosenkavalier nasty foreign flirts. Its Terminus of the TV jail, “celebrity Big Brother”. Punishment must be.

goosebumps factor: nine out of ten.

On Instagram and Twitter “we meet…”: cheesy celebrate Ferres and Maschmeyer your wedding day

1. Carsten & Vroni: love the interview from Hell!

In the spring of of resulted in, well, let’s say “controversial”, Financial companies and Germany’s “super woman” with their first shared love interview caused a stir. Sample? “The marriage with Carsten was that the look of a love marriage and no Supply” piped Veronica Ferres in the “image”. Well, here we are reassured! As a love bonus, in other Interviews like for your spouse, not stressed, for example, that you could your life be shared with someone, the criminal law would be prosecuted. This is really sweet of her.

goosebumps factor: eight out of ten.

So, and what can we learn from all these weird couples? That love is blind, stupid, vain, envious, or hectic?! No, it is a great happiness when you can just “be” with someone, without feeling the constant urge to have all over the world to demonstrate that it is “mega happy”. Because it IS easy.

note: The many Fake pairs out of “The summer home of the Stars” I have not listed here. It would have been too easy.

Stars in the love of happiness: These celebrity couples have. 2017 Fullscreen

He referred to them officially as his new girlfriend, you don’t want to speak to your relationship status But their Public appearances leave no doubt: musician Gavin Rossdale and actress Sophia Thomalla are a Few. At the end of March, the first photos emerged that showed the two kissing in London. Since then, the Ex-husband of Gwen Stefani and the daughter of actress Simone Thomalla always holding hands in Public. Since November 28, is a divorced-Year-old also and thus free for a new love.

©Splash News