While his little brother Prince Louis was joking around, you could see that the eldest son of Prince William and Duchess Kate has become more self-confident. Prince George showed royal demeanor at the Queen’s Jubilee.

His parents must have been very proud after little Prince George’s public appearances. Every day of the four-day celebrations, Prince George could be seen gaining confidence. He is third in line to the throne and seems to be slowly becoming aware of his big future role.

The whole world looked at the British royal family at the big royal celebrations. The children of Prince William and Duchess Kate in particular were the focus and gave the photographers thoughtful and serious moments in addition to really sweet and funny moments. At least the future King Prince George. Body language expert Judi James spoke to the British news magazine “The Mirror” about Prince William’s eldest son.

While James attested to the third prince in line to the throne at the beginning of the celebrations, at the “Trooping the Color” parade, a slightly shy demeanor, his self-confidence is said to have grown in the days that followed. On Sunday 5 June, as the anniversary weekend drew to a triumphant close, James analyzed: “Today we could see a boy who fully reflects his father’s confidence and even shows the first instincts of some leadership qualities.”

Confident: The jacket situation between Prince George and his father

James found one situation particularly noteworthy: “As the state carriage rolled into the royal box, George stood first and buttoned his jacket before urging his father to do the same.”

And the Royal Family’s subsequent balcony appearance also showed Prince George’s development. “Confident, proud and solemn, he stood next to his great-grandmother, the Queen, on the balcony. And it was he who gave her a wide, beaming and heartfelt grin when she spoke to him,” explained the expert.

Quelle: Mirror