Until about two years ago, Prince George was able to lead a carefree and normal childhood. But then he found out that he would one day be king.

Royal expert Robert Lacey recently published an updated version of his book “Battle of Brothers” on the subject of the rift between Prince William and his younger brother Prince Harry. But the author added some additional information to the book, such as the fact that Prince George is said to have only learned two years ago that he is third in line to the throne of the British royal family.

When he was seven, the son of Prince William and Duchess Kate found out he would one day be king. His parents had tried to give him a carefree childhood for as long as possible. They had already made a plan for the best possible time to break this life-changing news to their firstborn son. Lacey writes that they wanted to choose a “controlled moment” to sit down with Prince George rather than risk him accidentally finding out and getting confused.

Prince George has known since the summer of 2020 that he will be king one day

However, the royal expert also says that it is not known exactly when this deliberately chosen moment should have taken place, only that it must have happened “sometime around the boy’s seventh birthday in the summer of 2020. Around this time his parents are presumably elaborated on what the little prince’s life and future royal duties would entail.”

A small excerpt of this could already be observed at the celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee for the Queen. At the public 70th throne jubilee, the little prince paid attention to his behavior and appearance. One situation in which he pointed out to his father that he should fix his jacket was particularly endearing. Prince George seems to have already internalized his future role, he seemed a little bit more mature.

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