Scrambled eggs with tomato, ham or spinach? No matter how and with which tools you want to prepare your scrambled eggs is An ingredient you should delete immediately from your list, such as a cooking expert reveals.

cooking expert gives tips for perfect scrambled eggs

Robby Melvin, the head of the test kitchen of the magazine “Southern Living”, strongly advises against it to stretch the eggs with milk or cream, as do many of the hobby chefs. Because this will only lead to the good taste watered down and becomes the scrambled eggs pale and rubbery Something.

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The best scrambled eggs you will receive, according to Melvin, if you leave Butter in the skillet over medium-high temperature yellow-gold melts, the eggs in a bowl and pour then into the pan. Eggs then a halt, then the spatula across the bottom of the pan, until the scrambled egg is ready.

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