You are on the cruise, to spend time to relax and let the soul dangle. Since it happened quickly: you lose an item on Board – and notice the Absence of the first, if you are already at home.

travel documents to keep after the cruise:

it is recommended In this case, you often need to your trip, the cruise documents to show when and in what cabin were located. This represents, to some extent, for many cruise companies, the hedge, that the lost object belongs really to you.

important travel documents, so that you can make a search for the lost object. Shipping companies keep lost things are usually only a maximum of twelve weeks after the end of the trip, as the Portal explained.

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With your written report you should, therefore, not too much time. To give you everything as accurately as possible:

when was the period of your cruise? Which cabin have you inhabited? What object have you lost? What was the object exactly? Where do you mean to have the subject be lost? The address to which the item is to be sent?

by the Way: if your lost item to food or already used cosmetics should not be your hope to see you again too large. These items are often disposed of for reasons of hygiene, on Board of the cruise ship. Money cards will not be sent to the owner, but the Board will be destroyed.

All other items will be mailed to you sent back. This will cost you depending on the address between 30 and 70 euros, as the Portal reported.

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