Many a trend has already been born on Tiktok. Right now main player in many videos: the Pop It Fidget. What the toy can do and why it is so popular.

Are you one of those people whose fingers get itchy as soon as you hold bubble wrap in your hand? Then this toy could also be something for you: the so-called Pop It Fidget. The small silicone discs, which are currently being seen more and more in schools and on Tiktok, are a very current trend and are coming close to the popularity status of the fidget spinner that was all the rage a while ago.

What is a Pop It Fidget?

A Pop It Fidget is a colorful silicone mold with soft bubbles. These can be pressed down with your finger. Once you’ve squashed all the bubbles and turned the shape, the fun starts all over again. The mostly colorful toys, which are also available in shapes such as dinosaurs or rockets, are not only exciting for children. In fact, the sensory toy is supposed to have a therapeutic effect.

The advantages of the Pop It Fidget

“Fidget Toys”, which include both the Spinner and the Pop It, are considered anti-stress toys and are said to be suitable for both children and adults. The special thing about this type of activity is that it should be able to help tense people to reduce stress and increase concentration. Some manufacturers of the Pop Its also promise that. But even then there were discussions about the therapeutic sense and nonsense of the small parts with regard to the fidget spinners. At that time it was said that they were even a useful occupational therapy for ADHD patients. Some doubted this approach.

Proponents of sensory toys like this include child psychologist Dr. Will Shield. In an interview with the British TV broadcaster BBC, the expert explains that sensory toys activate one or more senses when they are used. The player’s attention is drawn to the game by strong emotions or negative thoughts when he or she is specifically engaged with a Pop It Fidget, in which sight, touch and hearing (through the popping) are activated. This would have a calming effect. And playing is usually perceived as something positive and can therefore make negative feelings more bearable, at least for the moment.

There is no harm in using a Pop It Figet. Playing keeps you focused on one thing – and that makes more sense, especially with children, than playing games on a tablet or console. And another advantage: If at some point the toy is no longer interesting to work with, ice cubes or chocolates can be made in it.

Source used:BBC

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