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TikTok video: Passenger sends “obscene” pictures to all passengers and is arrested


On a flight to the United States, a man sent pictures of him performing oral sex to all other passengers on the plane. When confronted, he was not aware of any guilt.

On a flight from Detroit to Denver, Southwest airline passengers were in for a nasty surprise. A passenger airdropped pictures showing him performing oral sex to all other passengers. A woman reported the unsavory case on TikTok.

Out of curiosity, she opened the file with the shocking content and immediately reported the sender to the flight attendants for sexual harassment. He had given his name as well. When the airline staff confronted the man, he made no attempt to deny that he had sent the pictures. Instead, he claimed he “just wanted to have some fun,” as seen in a TikTok video. The video has now been viewed more than six million times.

Unappetizing pictures on the plane: man is arrested at the airport

Southwest Airlines confirmed to the New York Post that the incident took place on Saturday. “Our flight attendants took care of it immediately and the crew requested local police upon arrival.” The airline called the passenger’s behavior “obscene and unacceptable”.

Other passengers were also extremely upset about the explicit pictures, says a passenger on TikTok – mainly because children were also present. Even after being warned by airline staff, the man continued to view pornographic images on his iPad. For the sender Larry, his action had tangible consequences: Immediately after landing in Denver, he was taken away by FBI agents. He spent the weekend in a cell at the airport police station. The authorities have not yet released any further information on the case.

Sources: daddystrange333 on TikTok / “The New York Post”

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