While it is better to harvest lettuce early, it is better to wait longer for other vegetables. Here you can read about the differences between the different types of vegetables and when their optimal harvest time is.

The early bird catches the worm. This often also applies to the vegetable harvest. Cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, lettuce and leeks are crunchier in the morning than in the evening – and are therefore best harvested early in the day. The Bavarian Consumer Center points this out.

However, plants lose water over the course of the day, especially when it is warm. The leaves of lettuce etc. then become significantly limper and the aroma also suffers. One reason why herbs are best harvested in the morning.

But there are exceptions. The Bavarian Consumer Center advises that the afternoon or evening is a better harvest time for rocket, spinach, beetroot or horseradish.

The reason: Plants naturally contain a lot of nitrate, which can convert into nitrite and then become harmful to health. Since the substance is absorbed through the roots at night, it is still completely stored in the plant in the morning. During the day it is gradually broken down by sunlight.

However, since vegetables that are heavily heated by the sun wilt more quickly, you should wait until the temperatures have dropped slightly before harvesting rocket etc. on hot days.

The original for this article “This is the best time to harvest vegetables” comes from chip.de.