A city trip in summer can quickly become a stress test. Temperatures are pleasant in these three cities.

Summer has arrived in Europe and record temperatures have already been recorded in many regions. Pilgrimage through cities at over 35 degrees and hop from one sight to the next? This is not a successful holiday for everyone. But heat muffles don’t have to do without a city trip – fortunately there are also cooler places in Europe that have a lot to offer.


Those who want to escape the summer heat are of course in good hands in Northern Europe. The Swedish capital Stockholm is located in the temperate climate zone. That means it never gets uncomfortably cold or warm. In July and August, the temperatures usually do not rise above 22 degrees. Only in rare cases does the thermometer scratch the 30 degree mark.

The city is spread over a total of 14 islands – so there is water everywhere. A boat tour is an absolute must. One of the city’s most popular landmarks is the Stadshuset town hall, which not only shines with its external appearance. Magnificent rooms are hidden inside, a tour is worthwhile. In the center of the city, visitors can admire the Stockholm Palace. Some offices of the Swedish royal family are located in it. Midday is a good time to stop by – at 12:15 there is the traditional changing of the guard.

Gamla Stan is Stockholm’s old town and definitely worth a visit – the narrow streets and old houses are a sight to behold. Many cafés and restaurants tempt you with their regional delicacies. Skinnarviksberget offers a magnificent view of the city. The hill is located on Södermalm and is also a popular spot for the locals to watch the sunset.


Switzerland is not a cheap holiday destination, but the neighboring German country scores with its beautiful nature and picturesque towns. In summer, temperatures in the city of Lucerne, capital of the canton of the same name, are often around 25 degrees. It rains relatively often here, so a rain jacket is part of the standard equipment for a city trip.

Located directly on the shore of Lake Lucerne, Lucerne offers numerous sights. The Chapel Bridge with its water tower is one of the most popular photo motifs. It is 700 years old, making it one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe. The city wall is still very well preserved, several towers line it. Visitors can climb up and enjoy the view. Lucerne’s most famous monument is the dying lion, which was inaugurated in 1821. The famous writer Mark Twain (1835-1910) already mentioned the lion monument. A must in Switzerland: eat chocolate. In the old town there are numerous shops offering delicious creations.


With pleasant temperatures around 22 degrees, Rotterdam can be visited in July and August. The second largest city in the Netherlands is a cultural stronghold and is characterized by its beautiful architecture. For example, the Erasmus Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge, is a unique sight. On the 185 meter high Euromast observation tower, visitors have a good overview. The city zoo is an ideal destination for nature lovers, and families with small children will also get their money’s worth there.

Since the cycle paths are very well developed, it is worth renting a bike and exploring the city. In the Nieuwe Binnenweg, tourists will find numerous cafes and alternative clothing shops. For foodies, we recommend a detour to the Blaak Markthal, where numerous food stands line up. Also a must: the harbour, which is best admired from the water on a tour.