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To annoy China, trump is willing to hurt America

To annoy China, trump is willing to hurt America

Donald trump continues to stand its ground: China to blame for the spread of the coronavirus. “Around the world step coronavirus, very bad “gift” from China,” said trump.

Inherited from trump and the world health organization, which, in his opinion, a bad fight with pandemic coronavirus. The us President who put forward the ultimatum and demanded a 30-day period to carry out reforms. Otherwise promised to stop funding organizations. But 30 days tramp to endure could not. Only lasted a week and accused the who that it “is fully controlled by China,” and announced U.S. withdrawal from the organization.

at the same time trump announced the introduction of sanctions against Hong Kong, limited entry into the United States scientists from China and promised to take action against Chinese companies trading on American stock exchange.

Here it is — the Chinese caution. For the third test for the week. Without a negative opinion, nor on one meeting will not be allowed, especially with the participation of senior management. All of the foreign journalists in anticipation of the historic frames. The closing session of the national people’s Congress meeting, where the agenda is to save the country from the epidemic and its economic consequences. And it’s not just about the coronavirus.

“We made the decision on creation of the mechanism of protection of sovereignty, security and interests of China in the special district of Hong Kong. This will ensure further development according to the principle of “one country, two systems,” said Li Zhanshu, Chairman of the standing Committee of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives.

This principle, which is now 23 years old live in mainland China and Hong Kong — the Central government responsible only for foreign policy and defense, the rest of the former British colony full autonomy Beijing promised to preserve.

But in Washington, the bill was immediately called undemocratic. “I am instructing my administration to begin the process of eliminating policy benefits that give the Hong Kong special regime,” said Donald trump.

Encouraged by such support — and to trump the readiness to reconsider the status of Hong Kong said Pompeo and Secretary of state, and Congress with the Senate — on the streets of Hong Kong again took the rioters. As the whole of last year — a break was taken only at the time of quarantine — with American flags at the ready, they began to smash store Windows and subway station, beating anyone still trying to calm down. The police had to use tear gas.

And the West immediately shook his finger: here it is — the proof of the inhumanity of Beijing and all its repressive machines. Chinese media said footage from Minneapolis.

the Speaker of the U.S. house of representatives called the violent protests in Hong Kong “wonderful spectacle”. Now “a beautiful sight” extends from Hong Kong to more than a dozen us States. Short question: is the Chinese government to make a statement in support of the protests of blacks and lower classes of American society?

That activists in Hong Kong went to the American Consulate. Require to leave autonomy alone. But trump, who here is depicted in the seriously ill patient, remained adamant. He writes on Twitter the only word — China — and continues at a press conference: “China is to blame”.

“the World is now suffering as a result of unlawful actions of the Chinese government. Concealment China virus in Wuhan has allowed this disease to spread worldwide, triggering a global pandemic that claimed more than 100,000 American lives and over a million lives around the world,” said trump.

All of this China has already heard more than once. The allegations of the concealment of information about the virus and bribery of officials who — with the trump organization also breaks the relationship and terminate the funding and to the fact that China is supposedly trying to steal a U.S. vaccine. And in Okhotnykey technologies for the White house recorded Chinese students — check them out now would be the FBI.

All of this in China is considered the continued trade war. Although it is still early in the year, it seemed that Beijing and Washington were able to agree. Premier of China Li Keqiang still hoping on American discretion. “The bilateral trade and economic relations have passed a long and difficult road, and both sides have learned from this great benefit. The economies of China and the US are closely intertwined, and enterprises of the two countries need each other,” he said.

But an anti-Chinese virus trump impressed enough to act even at the expense of American interests, which after the impact on Hong Kong will suffer no less. And American business trump has warned. After the revision of the status of “autonomy” as a global financial center is an end to special economic conditions. And financial stability of Hong Kong, Beijing was interested in the first place. Order and developing security act.

“last year we witnessed unprecedented incidents in Hong Kong, which practically stopped all business operations. All sectors of society suffered from this,” said Dennis Wang-Pun, President of the manufacturers Association of Hong Kong.

“the Rebels continued to cause damage, blocking roads and knocking down pedestrians. Tourists are afraid to come to Hong Kong. We feel helpless. This decision will allow Hong Kong in the long term to develop in a stable and peaceful environment,” said one of the Hong Kong developers.

this is Washington and not interested. Therefore, allegations of oppression of the Uighurs, and the discussion and independence of Tibet, and flirting with the separatists in Taiwan.

all this is China responding to the position — as they say – “a fierce tiger, but the wise dragon”, maintaining a break, but by showing force. In contrast to the us Navy near Taiwan China DEPAvil its aircraft carriers.

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