To calculate the damage of the impossible: pogroms in the United States with no end in sight

In the US at least several militiamen were killed and dozens of police wounded. It is clear that there are losses in the ranks of the protesters. While all of America is already boiling in the street battles and the President of the United States piled heavy charges, the trump flew to Cape Canaveral in hopes to find a trump card in the election campaign. There was the successful launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon with two astronauts on Board. And NASA recently led a live broadcast of the docking with the ISS. All went normally. And trump is one of the few joyful events latest time point of support in disputes with political opponents in such hot for America period.

Black lives matter (“Black life is important”) — with these words begins a peaceful protest in Washington. The crowd goes from the Capitol to the White house. They have different ages, different skin color and social status, but all of them together — against racism. Particularly strong in this crowd heard the cry of the soul of African Americans.

“On the backs, the blood, the tears of the African Americans built this country. Used slaves — our ancestors. And if the government wants us to be happy, they need to choose humanism,” say the Americans.

In Washington enter the army National guard. Several of the vehicles exhibited in front of the White house. He is in the triple ring of security. Trump on the inside. The President flying curses at police stones.

the Storming of the White house fails, but around burning police cars. Protesters set fire to the building in two steps from the presidential lawn.

looks Like anarchy from coast to coast. The geography of protest is spreading in the troubled points on the map of the United States more and more. In 25 major cities curfew, but no one noticed. In Milwaukee on the streets — armored. In Las Vegas riot police immediately fired on the crowd with rubber bullets.

Police are not enough, and protests have become a Paradise for marauders. They gutted all that is possible: banKi, grocery stores, shopping centers. Here twine the Nike store in Chicago. In Portland the crowd “looked” at Louis Vuitton.

In Seattle, protesters took over several police cars and stole their weapons. In Chicago mounted police seized vehicles. Official horse saddled pillager.

40 million Americans not to laugh — their coronavirus suddenly deprived of work, and this is also the reason for the riots. Authorities fear outbreaks behind bars, was released from prison 17 thousand prisoners. They are clearly not remained aloof from the protests.

Police cars burn, on them dance. A lot of those who by watching. Protesters attacked the headquarters of the TV channel CNN in Georgia.

the Culprits in the American protests of the TV crew was looking for on the beaten tracks. Their experts say: Russia is to blame, and along with trump.

Middle finger up and what I think about trump, Trump Hotel passing by.

“We fight every day, every black survives as he can. And we all just want equality,” they say African Americans.

they, as a rule, the hardest work is not the highest income. They live in poor neighbourhoods, their children surely will not get into prestigious schools. A vicious circle that decades are unable to break.

the Ongoing massacres of the relationship between police and African Americans just will not improve.

Statement by trump is doing in Florida at the Kennedy space center. America for the first time in 9 years from their territory sends astronauts into orbit. Taking them to the stars, the first private ship and private rocket company SpaceX Elon musk.

the Achievement rocket scientists — plus the election chances of the trump. Not lazy twice a week to fly to Cape Canaveral. After canceled due to bad weather the launch returned to watch the triumph. To solve earthly problems, the President uses the national security Agency and the Pentagon. Intelligence activity Department of the protesters are dElitsa with the police and the national guard.

This is usually with the stars and stripes happens to be abroad, but at home they hang on every house, but in the States they have gladly burn. In California, Washington, new York.

the Flag under the approval of the crowd raging on the police car. Hatred of blacks is explainable to the cops. Every second in the police reports — African American, despite the fact that in America they are a minority, 15% of the population.

Staff about how the police don’t mess around with blacks, a lot. So they arrested a black man in Los Angeles. States I remember like 6 years ago killed Eric garner. He traded cigarettes by the piece, but he was bound in handcuffs and virtually killed the people in uniform.

In new York, the crowd stood in the way of the police SUVs. To go around people, no one was going. The drivers in the form of rammed.

the protest, many of the victims. In Oakland killed two employees of the Secret service. 19-year-old killed protesters in Denver. Three in Indianapolis. In North Carolina from the Molotov cocktail on fire Sam thrower.

Nearly a thousand people arrested since the beginning of the protests. To calculate the material damage is not yet possible. Too much destroyed and the end of violence is not visible.

Text: “News of the week”