To the ground: in Europe and the USA are destroying history

the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi called to remove from the job Capitol 11 statues, including Jefferson Davis. Jefferson Davis was born in 1808 and was named in honor of Thomas Jefferson author of the Declaration of independence, founding father and third U.S. President. Talented people, statesman, philosopher, architect scale titans of the Enlightenment, but also a slave owner. His memorial in Washington is not destroyed, but, probably, hands will reach him. After all, where to stay?

in the meantime, Nancy Pelosi spoke out against the statue of a slave owner, Jefferson Davis in the lobby of Congress. “The statue is supposed to embody our highest ideals about who we are and who aspire to be as a country. Statues of those who defended the brutality and barbarism for the sake of open racism as an affront to these ideals. The statue should be removed,” said Pelosi.

we are Talking about statues of confederates. As for Jefferson Davis, he is quite a liberal slave owner. Managing his plantations became black, and the slaves were treated and their personal plots of land, the harvest of which was their property. Finally, Jefferson Davis with his wife adopted a black boy who was brought up along with their children without any differences. Jefferson Davis, using their right to exit, in 1861 led to a 11 States and was elected to the first and the only President of the Confederate States of America for 6 years.

He wanted peace, but war began northerners. President Abraham Lincoln fought not so much for the equality of blacks — it is not in the US so far — how much for the integrity of the country. It was a war with the American separatists under the slogan of the abolition of the right of ownership over a person. Winning, Lincoln called out for vengeance. The initiative is not passed. The President Lincoln was shot, and the US is now saturated with revenge.

the Initiative of Nancy Pelosi to remove the statues of historical figures from hall of Congress — revenge. But revenge and the collapse of statues and monuments across America. In Richmond (VA) the Jefferson Davis monument the rebels piled up. The statue of the commander of the Confederate army General Lee damaged and knocked from the pedestal in Montgomery (Alabama). The crowd hooted, and a passing car hooted approvingly. In Birmingham (Alabama) carried the copper figure of the founder of the city Charles Lin. But it was not enough. The mayor of Birmingham Randall Woodfin led a group of enthusiasts with special equipment and destroyed the obelisk with the height of a five-story building “Soldiers and sailors of the Confederacy”. Previously, the initiative group wanted to get rid of the monument, which had stood for 115 years, through the courts, but lost to the process. Now this is done on the revolutionary law.

One of the main objects of vengeance by Christopher Columbus. D.C., where the U.S. capital is Washington, not yet renamed, Columbia University, too, but the Columbus statue, above, beneath. The discoverer of America — is now a symbol of racism, slavery and genocide.

Columbus activists piled up in the city of Saint Paul (Minnesota). In Richmond (Virginia) monument Columbus tried to set fire to, and then with ropes pulled and drowned in the lake. In Boston (Massachusetts) Columbus was beheaded in retaliation for white supremacy.

Hate is such that I will not be surprised if the White house one day, repainted in black. Why, in fact, it needs to be white? Do not hint that something?

Say this is impossible? And is it possible that the leadership of the city police symbolically washed the feet of a black activist, standing in front of him on his knees?

But if they return to the demolished monuments, because the pedestals are left. Someone on a pedestal? Then it is primarily the leaders of the American Indians, since they first came into confrontation with the white colonizers and, suffering enormous losses, fought with them almost to the end of the XIX centuryand until you were in the reserves. And it will be honest, if you go to the end.

On the podium, for example, deserved to be the leader of coconino the Cochise. At the battle account of his tribe to 5,000 white settlers.

Strong candidate for the podium — Sitting Bull — leader of the tribe hunkpapa. In 1876 he gathered a combined army of the Cheyenne and Sioux and in the valley of the little bighorn routed the cavalry of General George Custer. Custer himself was mutilated and abandoned on the battlefield. In that battle Sitting Bull helped crazy Horse — a chief of the Oglala tribe. Rebel against the invaders. Foully murdered.

On a pedestal is quite a decent climb and the leader of the tribe hunkpapa named Bile, he — Red Walker. In the battle of the little bighorn had lost three children and two wives.

one way or another, and dropping from the pedestal some, exalt others. That’s the law. Pedestals can not be left blank. The same theme occurs in Europe, where to reinervate heroes of the past in our century the first began in Britain, and then the fashion spread to the continent.

In London, first defiled, and then gently removed the monument to the slave of the eighteenth century, Robert Milligan. The figure stood for more than 110 years, and was erected “as a sign of genius and perseverance of Robert Milligan in memory of his achievements.”

Achievements of Robert Milligan was the possession of the West India company and hundreds of slaves on the sugar plantations of Jamaica. Actually, nothing original to his contemporaries — wealthy gentlemen. Conventional colonial past of Britain. And if the British undertook to remove the monuments of colonial times, why not to seize at least a couple of diamonds from the crown still alive Queen Elizabeth the Second? Because they, too — a kind of monuments of the colonial past, and hence the slave trade, and racism. For example, Cullinan II is going back to South Africa, and the Koh-I-Noor to India. I think it will reach that, if the current generation of progressive subjects of Her Majesty will be consistent.

And it is unclear how long the National portrait gallery in London will hang a picture of Rudyard Kipling as a poet, glorifying “white man’s burden”, which in overseas countries “ruled by the dull crowd of devils, or children.” Four years ago a portrait of Kipling came to Moscow on exchange with Tretyakova. Now is hard to imagine.

While Kipling is waiting in the wings in Bristol was removed from the pedestal of Edward Colston — the noblest gentleman of the eighteenth century, member of Parliament and slave trader.

Plans are also impressive. Now in the UK discussed the list of local branch of the movement BLM (“Black life matters”) of 60 historical pieces on removal from the pedestal of British history. Among them, for example, Admiral Nelson and the founder of De Beers, Cecil Rhodes. Queen Victoria is defiled. Could she think that someday will also become a color? Churchill still holds, but of the last forces. It wrote: “a Racist.” The name of the world famous thanks to the song The Beatles streets of Liverpool Penny Lane is also already painted black. After James penny, a street named in his honor, in the eighteenth century was a slave trader. In General, “to the ground”. So familiar from our own experience.

Does the light always in a cultural change. From the Manifesto “a slap in the face to public taste” in 1912 from a group of young poets, Cubists-futurists, among them Mayakovsky, Khlebnikov, Burliuk: “Only we are the face of our time. The horn of time blows us in verbal art. Past closely. The Academy and Pushkin confusing characters. Throw Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and others from the steamship of modernity. Who will not forget his first love, he won’t last.”

Passed. Welcome to a great social experiment. There is a lot of interesting, but also very cruel. Chaptersing not to lose the tempo.

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