Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz reports on a cure in Southeast Asia. However, Heidi Klum is not there, as he revealed.

Tom Kaulitz (32) recovered during a cure. The musician revealed this in the latest edition of the podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood”, which he runs together with his twin brother Bill (32). “We send halfway around the world,” explains the husband of top model Heidi Klum (49) right at the beginning of the episode.

The 32-year-old has not revealed where exactly he is. “I’m currently traveling in Southeast Asia,” explains Kaulitz simply. He still gives his fans a little tip: “In the background with me is the Himalayas.” The air is “insanely good” and the musician is “very high up”. At the same time, brother Bill would be sitting in Los Angeles, “it’s just a very long transmission distance, that’s not so easy with the technology,” explains Tom Kaulitz.

Cure without his wife Heidi Klum

The current treatment also has an impact on Tom Kaulitz’ choice of drinks. Usually, the twin brothers mix a cocktail in every episode. But not this time: Tom takes St. John’s wort tea instead, “it promotes sleep”.

“Here is a lot with naturopathy,” describes Kaulitz. His wife Heidi Klum is apparently not there, which has a good reason. “Here, where I am, women are not allowed at all.” It is a pure “men’s cure”. He has not revealed how long Tom Kaulitz is on a cure.

Heidi Klum: snapshots with Tom Kaulitz

Despite the cure, Tom Kaulitz seems to be in contact with Heidi Klum. In a new Instagram story, the mother of four published a boomerang video in which she kisses her husband in bed. She put a big heart into it all. She also shared three pictures showing the couple together in the forest.

“When the roots are deep, there’s no need to fear the wind. I love you,” Klum wrote on one of the snaps of the two hugging a tree. Where and when the photos were taken is not clear from the posts.