This lawsuit is about a lot of money: Allegedly, “Top Gun: Maverick” was released without valid rights.

The new aviator action “Top Gun: Maverick” starring Tom Cruise (59) is a complete success at the box office. The blockbuster from the film production company Paramount Pictures was apparently released without valid rights. At least that is what is claimed in a lawsuit filed on Monday, which is available to the US broadcaster CNN.

According to the industry magazine The Hollywood Reporter, its predecessor “Top Gun” from 1986 was based on an article by Ehud Yonay that appeared in “California” magazine in 1983 under the title “Top Guns”. . The author’s heirs now claim that US copyright law makes it possible to withdraw the rights to a work after a period of 35 years.

Will “Top Gun: Maverick” no longer be shown in cinemas?

Paramount acquired the license in 1983, but the Yonays said they regained the rights to the story in January 2020. The studio knew it no longer owned the license for the source material for Top Gun, but released the new action flick anyway. Now, among other things, the question arises as to whether the shooting was largely completed when the rights were still with Paramount – and whether the license is even necessary to tell the new story.

According to Variety, the family is demanding damages and that Top Gun: Maverick will no longer be shown. “These allegations are unfounded and we will vigorously defend ourselves,” Paramount said in a statement. According to the industry magazine, Cruise’s box office hit has already brought in more than 550 million US dollars internationally, the equivalent of around 515 million euros. In North America alone, almost 295 million dollars, around 276 million euros, have been taken.