Tom Cruise made cinema history with the launch of Top Gun: Maverick. He knows exactly who to thank for that.

The action flick “Top Gun: Maverick” shot to the top of the cinema charts at the speed of sound. The lion’s share of this success is due to the tireless leading actor Tom Cruise (59), who once again mimics the daredevil Pete “Maverick” Mitchell over 35 years after “Top Gun”. But Cruise himself knows only too well who he has to thank for the great theatrical release.

The Hollywood star tweeted: “Thank you to everyone who tuned in to ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and helped make it an historic opening weekend.” In fact, that’s true on several counts: According to Variety, the film grossed $124 million over the weekend in the US – a personal record for Cruise. Including the following Monday, which is a public holiday in the United States, “Top Gun: Maverick” brought in $ 156 million. The box office has never rang louder on Memorial Day weekend.

Two records broken

As a result, Cruise has almost doubled its previous record. According to the report, it was $64 million and dates back to 2005, when his film “War of the Worlds” was released. Meanwhile, the Memorial Day record has been held since 2007 by “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”, the third part of the adventure series with Johnny Depp (58).