Jamal Musiala, the talented midfielder from Bayern Munich and the German national team, has been making waves at the European Championship this summer. He has impressed with his performances, both at the club level and for his country. Musiala recently shared his admiration for three young players in world football, namely Jude Bellingham, Pedri, and Bukayo Saka.

In an interview with ESPN after Germany’s victory over Hungary, Musiala highlighted the exceptional talents of these young players. He praised Jude Bellingham for his amazing performances at Real Madrid and Pedri for his outstanding skills on the field. Musiala also mentioned Bukayo Saka from Arsenal as another player who has been doing well.

Having developed a close friendship with Jude Bellingham during their time together in the England youth team, Musiala spoke highly of Bellingham’s mentality and work ethic. He mentioned that Bellingham has always been focused and determined, which has contributed to his success at Real Madrid. Musiala also emphasized the importance of respecting fans and maintaining a positive relationship with them, a quality that both he and Bellingham have exemplified over the years.

Musiala’s journey from Chelsea to Bayern Munich has been a remarkable one, and his performance on the field reflects his dedication and talent. With 12 goals and eight assists in 38 games for Bayern last season, Musiala has proven himself as a valuable asset for both club and country. His record-breaking achievement as the youngest player to score in a nation’s first two group stage games at a European Championship is a testament to his skill and potential.

As Musiala continues to shine on the football field, his admiration for young talents like Bellingham, Pedri, and Saka highlights the bright future of the sport. With a focus on hard work, determination, and respect, these young players are setting a positive example for the next generation of football stars. Their dedication to the game and their fans is a reminder of the values that make football a truly special sport.