Finally, teachers and educators can exchange ideas personally at the Didacta trade fair. The focus is on the topics of digitization, climate and the integration of refugee children.

According to the educational association Didacta, there is still a lot to be done when it comes to digitization in schools.

Although the topic of distance learning during the corona pandemic was forced to get a big boost – but there are still problems in many areas, said the association’s general manager, Reinhard Koslitz. Digitization is one of the focal points at the international education fair Didacta, which starts on Tuesday in Cologne.

Koslitz criticized that there are still big differences in terms of how schools are equipped with WiFi or tablets. The technical service is also not satisfactory in many places. “It cannot be that the teachers have to take care of the maintenance and repair of the devices,” he told the German Press Agency. For a competent use of digital media in the classroom, teacher training must also be improved.

Not just imparting language skills

The integration of refugee children in schools and day-care centers will also be the focus of discussion forums at Didacta. It is about methods for teaching language skills or dealing with children who may have been traumatized by war, said Koslitz. Another challenge for the schools is to make the major topic of climate change tangible in the classroom.

At Didacta from June 7th to 11th, almost 600 exhibitors will show current trends from the areas of daycare, schools and vocational training. Normally, the trade fair takes place in Cologne, Stuttgart and Hanover every year. Because of the corona pandemic, it last took place as a face-to-face event in 2019 – at that time with a good 900 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors.

According to the Didacta Association, the lower number of exhibitors can be explained primarily by the fact that many providers are still reluctant because of Corona. In addition, the fair was moved from the usual date in March to June. In addition, the Association of Educational Media (VBM), to which major textbook publishers belong, left the ship as a cooperation partner in 2020.