The electric car business is picking up speed. Exports almost doubled compared to the previous year.

The foreign trade of the German car industry is increasingly dependent on electric cars. With a domestic production of around 328,000 cars with battery-electric drives, around 300,000 cars worth 12.6 billion euros were exported last year, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office.

That was almost twice as many export electric cars as in the previous year and more than three times as many as in 2019. The most important target countries were the United Kingdom, the USA and Norway. Conversely, 292,000 e-cars worth 7.5 billion euros were imported to Germany. They came most often from France, Slovakia and the USA.

In 2021, the production of battery cars in Germany had grown by 86 percent compared to the previous year. In the same period, the construction of combustion models fell by 23 percent to around 2.2 million units.

According to figures already known from the Federal Motor Transport Authority, 618,000 electric cars were registered in Germany at the beginning of this year. That was exactly twice as many as a year earlier. Hybrid models that have a combustion engine in addition to the electric motor are not included here.