It is not uncommon for train passengers to have to sit or stand on the floor in crowded trains, even though there are free seats in first class. The left wants to open them in such cases.

In the opinion of Linke boss Janine Wissler, the train should open first class to all passengers in overcrowded trains.

In addition, everything should be done in the short term to increase capacity, for example by using double-decker cars, said Wissler on Tuesday in an initial assessment of the 9-euro ticket. With the promotional ticket, passengers can use local public transport throughout Germany for a month in June, July and August.

With this offer, it was possible to get more people to use the train, including those who would otherwise not do so, said Wissler. People accept the low prices. The overloading of many trains is not due to the 9-euro ticket, but to a failed transport policy. The reactivation of railway lines is necessary because this is faster than new construction.

At Pentecost, shortly after the start of the 9-euro ticket, many trains were so full that passengers could no longer get on or at least not take their bikes with them. Nevertheless, the railway drew a largely positive balance of the weekend.