Transparency and santoprete: the CEC approved the voting rules on 1 July

hand Disinfection at the entrance to the station, free masks and contactless identification cards. Already 1 July, the Russians will vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution. Rule 2 approved June the CEC. The main conditions ensuring full transparency and health and safety.

the ballot papers already printed in a printing house in Perm.

“In this production it is necessary to exactly all,” stressed Carver Anatoly Elakov.

For each sheet — special control at the level of production.

“And the increased demand for quality,” adds the General Director of the “Master sign” Andrey Nagibin.

And special requirements during transport.

“on 8 June We will begin to deliver to territorial election commissions,” — says the Chairman of the electoral Committee of Sverdlovsk area Vladimir Rusinov.

In the regions have been actively engaged in preparations for a nationwide vote.

“We now need to calculate, negotiate contracts, and I’m sure that on the date the vote we will have everything ready,” — said the Chairman of the electoral Commission of the Amur region Elena Vorobyova.

The more that the regulatory framework has long been worked out. All this time, the CEC did not sit idly by. Even created a model of the parcels themselves with all the equipment installed yet in the atrium of the Central election Commission. It is supposed to organize everything so that to exclude the possibility of infection.

a Tour for the press held by the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova.

At the entrance of the voter handles hands under the sanitizer that came to ballot measure temperature at the entrance to the station.

the Central election Commission at its meeting on June 2, gave the official start of the campaign.

Constitutional reform in the country were suspended because of the epidemic, but now the situation has stabilized, and the authorities found it possible and safe for the population it is still to be completed.

"will Appeal to our citizens, to people so that they actively participated in this national vote, since we are talking about the basic law — the Constitution, which underpins the life of our country, our lives and our children today will determine the basic legal safeguards, basic legal guarantees in the field of social relations in the field of labor relations will determine the principles of cooperation with our international partners, — said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. — That is why the Constitution called the fundamental law of the country. I very much hope that the citizens of Russia will be in the definition of the parameters of the Basic law, the right to vote on amendments to the Constitution the most active part”.

According to the plan of the President, amendments to the Basic law will come into force only after approval of the Russians, and date of this important for the country vote on 1 June was announced on 1 July 2020. Not to be confused with another important event — the Victory Parade — and the time before school state exam (use).

“Thirty days before the date of election provided in order that citizens had the opportunity to familiarize with the amendments to the Constitution, to understand their content and make an informed decision,” explains co-chair of the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution taliya khabrieva.

a Forced break again confirmed the need for such changes in the Constitution — norms that I propose to make, in terms of the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 already work: attention to children, pensions, social benefits, affordable health care.

“Today we see in the situation of a pandemic, the need for those guarantees of social, which bears the Constitution,” adds the Chairman of the Public chamber of the Novosibirsk region Galina Gridneva.

be Sure to have entry and exit at different doors, the voting threads especially divorced. And they are for the account of the Central election Commission will be provided and means of individual protection and even disposable pens. You need to have only a passport.

“do Not leave the apartment, Marfa Petrovna, you’re 90 years,” demonstrate how contactless will be voting at home.

the CEC ensures that the risk will not and for those who will go to the polls and those who will use remote way of expression.