The commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN is increasingly focusing on e-mobility. The investment in Nuremberg is intended to secure 350 jobs at the location.

The Bavarian commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN is building a new plant for truck batteries at its Nuremberg location for almost 100 million euros. The batteries, which will still be manufactured manually for the next two and a half years, are to come in large series from the Nuremberg plant from the beginning of 2025, said MAN CEO Alexander Vlaskamp on Wednesday in Nuremberg.

In the final phase, production is to be increased to 100,000 units per year. A heavy truck needs up to six units and can thus travel 600 to 800 kilometers per day – with an opportunity charge during the driver’s rest period. From 2026, ranges of 1000 kilometers per day should be possible.

The Free State of Bavaria is promising funding of 30 million euros to promote energy research and technology. This should also improve the sustainability of battery technology.

According to MAN, the operating costs for a truck with an electric drive should no longer exceed those of a diesel truck by the middle of the current decade. By then at the latest, the demand for electric trucks will increase significantly.