A week ago, 3,000 suitcases were left at Munich Airport due to adverse circumstances. They are still not back with their owners.

A week after their stopover at Munich Airport, the owners of 3000 suitcases are still waiting for their luggage. Lufthansa said on Friday: “It’s true that around 3,000 pieces of luggage have been stored in Munich since last weekend.”

A thunderstorm and air traffic control restrictions meant that transfer passengers were sometimes unable to catch their connecting flight. This affected passengers from European connecting flights and domestic flights who were rebooked on the train.

However, half of these 3000 suitcases were actually intended for other German airports. They are temporarily sorted in Munich to relieve other German airports that can no longer keep up with their work due to a lack of staff. “We apologize to our guests and are working hard around the clock to deliver your luggage to you,” Lufthansa said.