Delays and cancellations: Lack of staff causes problems with handling at many larger German airports. The airport association ADV is now announcing how many temporary workers are needed.

To solve the handling problems, the larger German airport locations have announced their need for foreign temporary workers.

Inquiries were received from airport operators and private ground handling service providers, said the general manager of the airport association ADV, Ralph Beisel, on Thursday in Berlin. He could not give figures for individual locations.

Overall, the association had announced a need for around 2,000 temporary workers. They should come mainly from Turkey and be employed according to German collective bargaining conditions. After negotiations with the federal government, no check is made as to whether German workers are available for the jobs. Safety checks by the state authorities remain in place.

The enlistment is intended to alleviate the staffing issues that have led to numerous delays and complaints from disgruntled passengers. Frankfurt Airport expects the people to be deployed in September.