The beginning of the year is known to be the best time to plan your summer vacation. So if you want to travel in 2023, you should already check possible travel destinations. Here we tell you what you should definitely think about besides flight and hotel reservations.

Once the holiday has been booked, the preparations for the journey begin. After all, there are a few things to think about before departure: Is the first-aid kit complete? Should the memories be recorded with a camera or smartphone? And what is the best way to pay in the holiday country? We reveal what is important in order to go on vacation carefree.

What should always be there: the credit card

In addition to the most important documents such as passport, ID or visa, the credit card should not be missing on vacation. On the one hand, because paying by card has long been standard in many holiday countries, but also because a credit card makes traveling much safer and more convenient. Not everyone wants to take a large amount of cash with them or want to first get money after arrival.

A credit card that is especially useful for people who travel frequently is the American Express Platinum Card. You can use it to make convenient cashless payments on the go and benefit from numerous bonuses. For example, in addition to 55,000 Membership Rewards points, the card for new customers also includes an annual restaurant credit of 150 euros that can be redeemed in participating restaurants worldwide.

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Other benefits of the Platinum Card are:

However, with a monthly fee of 60 euros and a minimum turnover of 6,000 euros in the first six months, the credit card is not exactly cheap. However, if you subtract the annual credit for travel, rental cars and restaurants from the annual card fee, the price for the credit card is significantly reduced. Still, the American Express Platinum Card isn’t the best choice for everyone. The card’s bonuses are particularly beneficial to people who travel a lot or are often away on business.

A cheaper alternative to the American Express Platinum Card is, for example, the Visa credit card from the DKB. Although it does not offer any bonus programs, it only costs 2.49 euros per month (however, an existing checking account with the DKB is required). With the card you can pay or withdraw money almost anywhere in the world for free.

For beautiful memories: A smartphone with a good camera

The smartphone is more than just a phone – it’s a small computer, organizer, camera, navigation device, music library and much more. And that’s exactly why it should always be with you when travelling. If you want to take nice photos and have a good smartphone, you don’t even have to pack a camera. It may therefore be worth switching to a smartphone with a top camera before you go on holiday. One of the best cell phone cameras currently available can be found in the iPhone 14 Pro. The smartphone is equipped with a triple camera that not only takes razor-sharp photos during the day, but also at night in rather poor lighting conditions. This guarantees great holiday memories.

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If you already have a new cell phone on your shopping list for your next trip, you can currently get the iPhone 14 Pro from Apple from o2 including a 36-month contract, unlimited data volume, all-network flat rate and EU roaming for EUR 64.99 per month.

Indispensable abroad: the first-aid kit

What should not be missing in your luggage is a well-stocked first-aid kit. Certain tablets or ointments cannot always be easily obtained in the holiday destination. In addition to personal medication, the first-aid kit also includes utensils that are necessary for first aid, as well as tablets

Conclusion: Start preparing for your holiday in good time

There is a lot to organize before embarking on a major trip. Therefore our tip: start the preparations early enough. In addition to a credit card and a first-aid kit, there are certainly other things that should be in your luggage – such as a suitable travel adapter. If you take care of these things in good time, you will definitely go on vacation a lot more relaxed.

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