One of the most important castles of the legendary Knights Templar is located in Tomar, north-east of Lisbon. Hardly any complex is better preserved today. Can it perhaps be found here, the legendary Holy Grail? By Florian Guessgen

Peter Moore gets straight to the point. “You want to know where you can find the Grail, don’t you?” asks the 72-year-old Englishman. “If it doesn’t cause any trouble,” I say. Peter Moore just picked us up down in town. The guide was easy to spot. He stuck a white foil poster on the driver’s door of his silver Toyota Corolla: “Templar Knights of Tomar” is written in red letters so that everyone knows that he is traveling in the name of the Knights Templar. And the grail? “No problem,” says Moore. “I’ll show you where it is. You’ll have to be patient a little longer.”