Travis Barker is apparently on the mend. The Blink 182 drummer has been spotted driving and in the recording studio.

Travis Barker (46) ended up in the hospital at the end of June because of an acute inflammation of the pancreas. This condition is said to have been triggered by a recent colonoscopy. At the weekend he then reported to Instagram from the hospital and explained that he was “doing much better” after “intensive treatment”. In the meantime, the musician has been seen outside the clinic again.

Photos from the US celebrity portal “TMZ” show the Blink 182 drummer in a car with his wife Kourtney Kardashian (43) and their children Penelope (9) and Reign (7). Travis Barker is at the wheel.

A little later, “TMZ” reported that the musician was back at work: He is said to have spent several hours in a recording studio. Apparently he drove there himself in a car, as shown by photos from the studio’s parking lot. Barker looked “pretty healthy”, reports the celebrity portal.

What happened?

In his Instagram story, the drummer reported what exactly happened. “I went for an endoscopy Monday and felt great. But after dinner I got excruciating pain and was hospitalized,” he explained.

A “very small polyp” was removed during the endoscopy. “Unfortunately, an important drainage tube of the pancreas was damaged in the process,” continued Barker. This led to “severe, life-threatening pancreatitis”.