Almost motionless, Johnny Depp listens to his ex-wife’s statements. More and more nasty stories keep coming to light.

In court, actress Amber Heard (36, “Aquaman”) once again accused her former husband Johnny Depp (58, “Pirates of the Caribbean”) of violent behavior.

Depp hit her in an Orient Express car on their honeymoon in 2015, Heard said in the Fairfax County Court, Virginia. He also held her neck so hard that she thought he might kill her, she said. The process continued on Monday after a break.

It’s always about violence

As on previous days of the trial, Depp listened almost motionless to what his ex-wife said from a few meters away. He avoided eye contact, keeping his head down most of the time. In his own four-day testimony on the witness stand, Depp denied under oath that he ever hit Heard. There was a dispute in their relationship, the actor admitted during the process. Heard, in turn, had a “need for violence,” he said to his ex-wife.

In his civil lawsuit, Depp alleges that his ex-wife made false statements in a 2018 op-ed by the Washington Post about domestic violence. This damaged his reputation. Depp is suing for around 50 million dollars (a good 45 million euros) in damages for defamation, Heard has filed a counterclaim for 100 million dollars.

At the beginning of May, Heard had already reported several incidents of wild verbal abuse, beatings and other forms of violence. Depp once attacked her on a plane under the influence of drugs when she wanted to change seats during an argument: “I feel these boots on my back. He just kicked me in the back. I fell on the floor,” Heard said.

Depp and Heard met while filming The Rum Diary in 2009. The two married in 2015, but after 15 months of marriage, the actress filed for divorce. She accused her husband of domestic violence. Their relationship was “intense” from the start, Heard said during the process. This should take several more weeks. Observers assume that Heard will be questioned for several days, including cross-examination by Depp’s lawyers.