the United States delivered to Ukraine party of anti-tank missiles and other weapons with a total value of $ 60 million. This was reported by the press service of the us diplomatic mission. Earlier it was reported that in this fiscal year, the States will provide military assistance to Kiev for $ 250 million.

Another confirmation of loyalty to the Treasury: in Twitter of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev reported about the supply of weapons to $ 60 million, and then it became known about contract another 600 million. Listed on the designated delivery of 16 patrol boats Mark VI.

In the U.S. on the weapons are there, but only a few dozen. Use them to patrol the coastline. Of equipment on boats — water cannons, two 25-mm automatic remote-controlled installation of Mk 38 Mod 2, six guns and a M2 12.7 mm turret on the settings (you can change them to more familiar in the former Soviet Union 7.62). Of add-ons is still possible 40-millimeter grenade launchers. But to attack or defense, these boats are clearly not suitable, and hence the balance of forces near the Maritime borders of Ukraine did not significantly change.

“On $ 600 million, actually, if the US wanted, of course, they could a different technique to put, offensive and more serious, — says Ivan Konovalov, Director of the Center for strategic market. — I am talking about land technology. But they don’t. See: for example, they put Javelin and banned their use in any form. Only on the ranges during exercise — no more. This delivery had a purely declarative character.”

In the future supply are more guns, radars, acoustic systems — in General, equipment for the Navy, more for the edge services. Of unnecessary, experts say, especially for the money.

$ 600 million — money to Ukraine a lot, especially consideringI the economic downturn from the coronavirus COVID-19 in the background and so not very rosy financial situation in the country. But then, experts believe, money is invested not so much in defense as in a relationship. Favorable supply more of the US than Ukraine.

“It is necessary such “paying tribute to the master”, — commented Alexander Dudchak, the analyst. — There are not two sides — the US and Ukraine, there is one party who gives instructions. The second just performs. This is not the first time that Ukraine gets the technique completely unnecessary. This time, it’s not even rusty some nothing. Because last year she got two boats, paying for transportation and other services 10 million. For boats that was back in 2010 retired. And many of these cases”.

If such a declarative supply will continue, they can seriously damage the budget of Ukraine. Meanwhile Kiev promised US money to give in no hurry. The Pentagon has previously said it is ready to allocate 250 million dollars in military support for Ukraine, but the next delivery was and will be made exclusively by the Kyiv budget.