So, how do you start your day? With a quick cup of coffee, a meditation, a sprint to the train? The fact is that those who start the day relaxed are more balanced. The “Granny Method” shows three simple methods.

The perfect morning routine is currently just as hyped on social media as Taylor Swift’s new song. However, it quickly becomes dogmatic: getting up ritual at 5 a.m., meditation, journaling or breakfast bowl. The list is as long as it is daunting.

The “granny method”, on the other hand, is more relaxed and much easier to implement. An editor at “Brigitte” writes that she copied three simple morning rituals from her grandmother. Since she has been following this, she has been more alert, fitter and in a better mood in the morning.

This is a light exercise that gets your circulation going. Here’s how it works: While you’re still in bed, you lie flat on your back, bend your legs to 90 degrees and “cycle” in the air. For about 30 to 60 seconds, longer if you like.

“My grandma had the radio on in the kitchen every morning. Not only was she informed about the latest news in the news, she also turned up the feel-good songs and let the energy infect her,” the post says. Tip: If you then dance and sing to the songs, you release even more endorphins.

Who doesn’t know it: When working from home, all you do is put a sweater over your pajamas or brush your teeth after the first call. Things were different with her grandmother, the editor writes. “Even if she didn’t have anything to do during the day or didn’t leave the house until after lunch, she got up ‘real’ in the morning. She washed, brushed her teeth, combed her hair, got dressed and had breakfast.”

If you try it yourself, you’ll quickly notice that if you start your day like this, you’ll feel better, tidier and lighter.

Prompt: Is there a habit your grandparents have that gives you a good start to the day? Tell us in the comments!