Almost 30 years ago, Wolfgang Kulow organized the first Triple Ultra Triathlon in Germany: the Ironman three times in a row. From July 29th to 31st the athletes start again. Here Kulow explains why the athletes do this to themselves and what it takes to get through the triple.

Mr. Kulow, this is the 29th time you are organizing the Triple Ultra Triathlon in Lensahn, a small town in Schleswig-Holstein: 11.4 kilometers of swimming, 540 kilometers of cycling and 126.6 kilometers of running. in one piece. Why would you want to do that? The people who participate ask themselves: what else is possible? What can a person achieve physically and mentally? You can’t limit people. In the past, for example, a woman wasn’t allowed to run a marathon. I don’t like this limitation of performance and development. Because everyone has skills. One is highly musical, one can play chess well. And there are people who are physically very enduring.