Away from the “Trooping the Color” parade in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, there was an incident. The police arrested demonstrators.

An unsightly incident disrupted the “Trooping the Color” parade in honor of Queen Elizabeth II (96). Around 25 activists from the animal protection organization “Animal Rebellion” crossed barriers before the official start of the ceremony, according to the British “Daily Mail”, several of them sat down on The Mall when the military band approached. The police then removed the demonstrators. “A number of people were arrested trying to enter the ceremonial walkway on The Mall at around 10:10am today,” a police spokesman said.

A Twitter account believed to be the organization’s official appearance said: “Animal Rebels disrupted the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations and are demanding the reclaiming of the royal lands. This summer we’re fighting back stronger than ever the dairy industry.”

This year, “Trooping the Color” not only celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, but also her 70th jubilee. Numerous parades, parties, street festivals, processions and other events will take place in Great Britain until June 5 in her honor.