Trump decided to leave Germany

Us President Donald trump called Berlin “deadbeat” and said it would cut the number of U.S. military on German territory is almost two times – up to 25 thousand. Berlin is behind on their payments to NATO, recalled trump. Besides, he said, Germany pays just one percent of GDP, and needs two. The us military spend a lot of money in a European country, reports channel “Russia 24” referring to trump. “They have billions, billions of dollars,” he said.

If Berlin does not pay contributions to the NATO budget, why the US should help him, asked trump a question. Russia receives from Germany billions of dollars for energy, he said and asked why the United States should defend the Germans from Russia? “That will not do,” said the President.

Berlin was caught off guard by the decision of trump. He warned Germany about reducing the number of military on its territory. However, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Heiko Maas believes that the reduction of the contingent is not surprising: between Washington and Berlin is now a complicated relationship.