Trump expects the red herring and intends to

may 12, it was reported that a previously issued forecast of deaths from the coronavirus in the United States increased to 147 thousand. That is the death toll by early August, expect the Director of the Institute for measurement systems and analysis at the University of Washington’s Dr. Christopher Murray.

“We want to mitigate social distancing. People perceive it a certain way and facing the street. I believe that the mortality from COVID-19 will increase if people do not begin to be careful and wear masks,” said Murray.

According to him, 147 million Americans will die from coronavirus by early August. 147 thousand is a little more than half the official military losses of America in world war II. Then the US lost 291,5 thousand. But it’s for a few years. And then less than six months — nearly 150 thousand. This means that at least for the last hundred years, the United States did not carry such a rapid loss. But still on its territory.

In these circumstances, the President trump prefers not to focus on the problem and hopes for a distraction.

“anyway, and no big wins. But I’ll tell you where there is a big win. We intend to build the country. I already did it once, two months ago we had the best economy in world history. But we’ll do it again. And we are already beginning. It will happen fairly quickly,” assured Donald trump.

If the US two months ago was the best economy in world history, why then the worst result in the world shows the American system of health care? Why in may the number of deaths in the United States from the coronavirus twice ten years the loss of the Vietnam war? Why such unprecedented casualties in peacetime are considered acceptable? On a morality trump intends to “build the country”? It is the economy in General, for whom, if human life is so devalued?

That’s how skeptical ex-strategist of the Republican party and now a dissident in her Rick Wilson: “They are very utilitarian has decided that the political damage from the collapse of the economy will be worse than the political damage from rising mortality rates among Americans in the month of June for another 90 000 people. We witnessed the disgusting policy of pragmatism in action. The authors are willing to trade people’s lives for the Dow Jones index”.

it is Clear that in order to pursue such a policy, Trump the need to absolve themselves of responsibility for the victims. He chose to do it is simple — to blame everything on China. Supposedly, the virus is Chinese, and China we will have our revenge once again grow strong. Give time. That is a new presidential term in the elections in November.

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