Trump found a topic where you can make fun of and humiliate the Germans

the US President plans to reduce the American military contingent in Germany for 9 thousand people. Almost one-third. This was reported by Spiegel, as the German government confirmed that they knew of such intention of the allies. This is the next Donald trump in relations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who in any did not want to pay 2% of GDP in the budget of NATO. In General, the Germans have accumulated. Every day the contradictions with America more and more.

Mutual dislike of the Chancellor and the President of the United States has a long and rich history. It is known that Merkel is experiencing this strong sense personally to Trump, but trump extrapolate it again and the whole of Germany, which pays little NATO has a positive balance in trade with America and still buys Russian gas.

Over the past week, the attitude of leaders has not changed, just got worse. Recently, Merkel was asked to comment on the events taking place in the United States. Does trump responsibility for the breakdown of society?

Merkel was confident that trump will cope with the problems, but in General the answer was: Yes, trump is to blame. Such greetings to the White house passed infrequently, but it’s a coincidence that trump almost immediately confirmed the assessment given Merkel’s political style: not informing even his generals, the US President announced plans to reduce more than a quarter of the American military presence in Germany.

the Comedians of the German Heuteshow invented the game “Defend Germany without the Americans.” Everything is broken — need to repair tanks, helicopters, planes and machines, and — the most difficult bike of the defense Minister.

trump promises to reduce the number of American troops in the country from 34 to 25 thousand people. This should happen in the fall. Write that part of the 9 thousand troops will return to the US, the rest can go to Poland and Romania, for whom this will be a great occasion. In Germany plans trump happy LeVai opposition saw this as a window of opportunity.

“a Partial withdrawal of American troops must be regarded as chance. The Federal government should welcome this opportunity with the trump administration to prepare a full withdrawal of the military contingent of the USA. When the soldiers leave, they should at the same time to bring U.S. nuclear weapons,” said the left.

the Ruling in Germany found out about the upcoming reduction of the U.S. presence in the media and described the news as another step to reduce the level of bilateral relations — this is what trump wanted, but the German defense Minister Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer hopes that this is not accurate.

But, according to trump, the situation obviously requires a strong gesture. The U.S. President openly offended by the refusal of Merkel to come to a meeting “the Big seven” in Washington, the Chancellor is motivated by the coronavirus. The attention of the White house is also unlikely to have escaped the efforts of Merkel to organize the summit “EU – China”, which could not cause trump’s suspicions in attempt some sort of collusion behind his back. In General, a complex offense that requires vengeance. In parallel with the impulsive decisions, like the reduction of a military contingent in the United States continues systematic work to undermine the German economy. Senate Republicans are developing a bill on new sanctions against the ultimatum of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

“the Methods that the American deputies intend to stop the project, of course, unacceptable. Opponents of the “Nord stream-2″ who now rejoice in Warsaw, Kiev and the Baltic capitals, I do not see prospects. They will feel any deepening of the conflict between Europe and the United States. We are dealing with a conflict that will not disappear even if the November elections will win the more predictable candidate,” writes the German press.

a More predictable means no trump. From Trdump of a specific org in Europe (should mention — in the Old Europe) every day, waiting for some nasty things. Just remember the US withdrawal from the Paris agreements on climate change and the nuclear deal for Iran, denunciation of international treaties in the field of armaments, the output of the Board on human rights at the United Nations, the world health organization and the Agreement on open skies. From quite fresh — the law on sanctions against individuals associated with the international criminal court, leading the investigation of the crimes of the American army and intelligence services in Afghanistan. In the European Union is concerned, said Josep Borrell the EU Commissioner for foreign Affairs. But beyond this concern, it will not work.

“They don’t know what to do because used to just, I called it a religious reverence for America, which in Western Europe began after the Second world war. The Europeans have no strategy to see themselves in this multipolar world, they are afraid of this word. Here it is necessary to understand now they hope that trump will go away and everything will be fine in most of these respects,” said political scientist Alexander Rahr.

decades of rule, Europe has forgotten how to think for themselves. At the same time, as pointed out by Frankfurter Allgemeine, even if the November elections in the United States to win to Biden, there is little change in the situation nakatyvayas each other crises, the US will humiliate Europe and to present the same requirements, but in a milder tone.

And it makes sense to revisit a possible drawdown of U.S. troops. 34 thousands of Americans here, 25 thousand or even 10 — essentially the situation in the security sphere has no effect. First of all, because Germany has no external enemies. Trump just found the topic where you can make fun of and humiliate the Germans might withdraw its troops and wants to leave. Germany in this matter, words do not matter.

Text: “News of the week”