Trump framed and Americans, and Europeans

the dire predictions come True, time to lower the flags. In the United States — national mourning for the victims of the coronavirus. The plague killed almost 100 million Americans. Already trump mask appeared. However, only in the hands. Ashamed to wear it in front of cameras when I was at the Ford plant.

– You worry about the second wave of coronavirus?

– it is said that a very high probability. This is a common phenomenon. So we can put out any fire, but we never close our country — said Donald trump.

trick or treat — States before choosing. A coronavirus brought only Ford loss of $ 5 billion. Week 60 thousand employees again rose to the pipeline. Mask, the distance — so the plants open, with the amendment to the epidemic. In all 50 States of the USA restrictions have been gradually removed.

“Small businesses need to open. The owners and employees of salons must be given the opportunity to live and feed their families,” say the Americans.

“Operation “Haircut” — so called their protest hairdressers. Below, the state of Michigan saw they need work, cut everyone under the Windows of the local Capitol.

the Problem with closed restaurants in the town of WARRENTON in Virginia decided to just. City hall took a bit of the roadway motorists and gave it to businessmen. Tables can be put on the road. And guests adhere to the distance, and institutions can work.

Disinfecting gel now take totally for granted, like tissues or a knife with a fork. Diners do not mind that in the meter from the plates of passing cars. So life is buzzing.

the 39 million Americans without a job. This is 10 times more than it was before the epidemic. And together with the unemployed, the homeless become more. In San Francisco the number of homeless people during this spring has tripled. Tent tramp put on the square in front of city hall.

In the United States will be a long time to recover from the epidemic, predicts Joe Biden. He scolds trump for infusione money in the economy, the hasty decision to get everyone back to work. 78-year-old candidate for the third month gives advice and campaigning for yourself from the comfort of home.

“If you have a problem with you, me or trump, so you’re not black,” said Biden. At these words he already apologized and will probably be asking for forgiveness again and again. In the most popular African American program, state that they need to vote on the color of their skin and not by his heart, is to turn away from millions of voters.

two days before the careless replica Biden won the primaries in Oregon. Because of the coronavirus intra-party voting there is conducted by mail. In the election lists does not appear, but gaining popularity, the socialists, the Democrats. In April alone, the party has increased by 20%. Unaffordable medical insurance in the midst of the epidemic leads Americans under the red banner.

During the epidemic, the richest people of the planet became richer. Increased shares of companies such as Amazon, Microsoft. The expense of the owner of Facebook mark Zuckerberg added $ 86 billion. Benefited from the coronavirus and firm, which is inflated 10 times the price delivered to U.S. hospital equipment for sterilization masks. Mask eventually deteriorated and the new one was not given.

“We are all in despair. Let’s see what we have to protect! We were given waterproof clothing. Probably, everyone can see that this is not so,” said one of the nurses.

This is doctors from Latin America complain about the overalls, which is not. And the region is now the hottest spot on the world map of the epidemic. The number of deaths has increased by 9 times in less than a month. Brazil grows to tens of thousands per day. There those who is already 350 thousand people, and at the cemetery — endless rows of graves.

“the disease is silent. We do not believe that this will happen. Let’s see — I buried my mother. I am 30 years old, my mother died young, only 57. I could lose his father at any moment, n in the hospital,” — cried one, and women.

In Colombia, the response of local craftsmen on the coronavirus launched the conveyor of death — box. It — hospital bed turns into a coffin.

ingenuity blames the government of Colombia, the President of neighboring Venezuela. Nicolas Maduro is sure they infection specially imported. “The virus was detected in 67 of Venezuelans returning from Colombia. President Duque ordered to do everything possible to infect Venezuela. Colombians gave our people some bags of muffins. Before that, they were healthy and neither one spoke,” — said Maduro.

to stop the infection, the administration of the tramp going to close messages with several Latin American countries. Even Washington closes the open sky. Out of the contract, which 20 years have been a bridge of trust between the two countries. 34 participating countries could conduct observation flights over each other’s territory. Now the US, it was not necessary.

“Russia has not adhered to the Treaty. So until then, until they begin to stick, we will come out of it,” said trump.

the Claims could be addressed on the Commission, but the United States preferred directly to the output. Same with shoulder, trump destroyed the Treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range. Out of the Iranian deal and can not extend the agreement on the limitation of strategic offensive arms. That is, documents that define international security, is almost gone. “Open sky” is one of the last, and broke his way, Americans.

“just the Russian side has a very clear and long-articulated claims to the Americans. This refusal to grant permission for a departure from the American air traffic regulations, and amendment of special procedures to perform observation flights over the Hawaiian Islands, and the failure to provide overnight to the continental US, and more” — underemphasized the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

the NATO Countries after the United States remain without American intelligence. European diplomats in the collective letter trump asked to change their mind. Slap the allies called the trick of the President on Capitol hill. It seems that an even greater portion of criticism will be poured on it after these shots. All day Saturday tramp were playing Golf. In the United States was the second day of national mourning for the victims of the coronavirus.

Text: “News of the week”