Trump: riots in the US are not peaceful demonstrations, and acts of terrorism

the U.S. Government is committed to mobilize all of their civilian and military resources to put an end to major unrest in the country. This was stated on Monday, the President of the United States Donald trump.

“This is not peaceful protests but acts of domestic terrorism. Killing innocent people is a crime against humanity and against God,” said the US President Donald trump, speaking in the Rose garden of the White house with an appeal to the citizens in connection with the riots in the last few days.

According to him, in recent days, the country was captured by professional anarchists, violent crowds, arsonists, looters, criminals. A number of States and local authorities had not taken the necessary measures to protect residential areas. reports TASS.

the President encouraged the governors to deploy the National guard in sufficient quantity. “If a city or state refuses to take action necessary to protect the lives and property of residents, I will deploy the armed forces of the United States and will solve this problem for them”, — added the head of state.

In recent days in the United States is not subsiding protests and unrest provoked by the death at the hands of the police African American during the arrest in Minneapolis.

In California, police brutally beat demonstrators. The guards first used by the activists with tear gas and then began attacking them with batons.

In new York, the police got on his knees in front of black activists right next to the hotel, owned by Donald Trump. To take control of the protests, the mayor announced the curfew on the day.

A video from Michigan flew, it seems that everything the American media. A crowd of people rushes into the sports shop and makes everything that comes their way, do not hesitate cameras and witnesses.

do Not cease protests in San Diego. A group of activists blocked a police car. However, employees law enforcement didn’t stop it. The car continued to drive straight into the crowd, dragging a protester, which was caught on her hood.