Trump: Seattle captured

the US President Donald trump said that the city of Seattle took over the “domestic terrorists”, which are run by radical left-wing Democrats

On Twitter, he criticized the Governor of Washington state Jay and Margie reiger mayor Jenny Durkan and encouraged them to take more drastic measures.

“take Back your city now. If you don’t, I will. This is not a game. Those grungy anarchists need to stop immediately!” said trump.

Earlier, the authorities of Seattle forbade the police to use tear gas to disperse the protesters, RIA Novosti reports. Another 12 American cities ban the use of suffocating techniques during the arrest.

the Disorder began in the U.S. in late may after the death of the African-American George Floyd, who was strangled during detention by the police. Demonstration under the slogan “black Lives matters” are now in their third week. The policeman who had hold of Floyd, was accused of murder, his colleagues in aiding and abetting the murder.