Trump was diagnosed with Americans have symptoms of

US President Donald trump has accused supporters of the left movement in the intention to erase the country’s history and to desecrate the memory of national heroes. Trump I am sure that there are signs of a “leftist revolution.” Something on which it is based – the culture of denial and ideology of the movement “black Lives matter” — can erode the Foundation of American society.

In his speech at the celebrations in honor of independence Day at mount Rushmore trump called the monument “eternal tribute to our ancestors and our freedom.” On the face of mount Rushmore are carved the faces of the founding fathers of the United States presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, writes TASS.

trump, in his speech promised that their legacy will never be destroyed, and their achievements will never be forgotten.

the US President said that he had ordered the creation of a national heroes Park to counter a campaign to overthrow monuments.

“We will not succumb to tyranny and humiliation, we will not be able to intimidate bad people”, — concluded the President of the United States.