It has already been repeatedly postponed for logistical questions. The trial of the bombing of the Bardo had to be back on Tuesday before a criminal court of justice of tunisia. On the bench of the accused, 26 alleged accomplices of the attack that had left 22 dead on 18 march 2015 in Tunis. Thirty people, is also prosecuted in absentia. The two terrorists who had managed to sneak inside the museum have been killed that day. The hearing should only last for three days. The accused, whose identity has not been revealed, are tried under an anti-terrorism law adopted in the summer of 2015 for “terrorist crimes”. They are punishable with the death penalty. This award, however, subject to a moratorium since 1991 in Tunisia.

The attack had been claimed by the islamic State. March 18, 2015, two terrorists, Jaber Khachnaoui and Yassine Laabidi, opened fire in the vicinity and then to the inside of this top tourist place of the capital of tunisia. The attack continues during three hours before the intervention of the forces of law and order. Balance sheet: 21 tourists killed, including four French citizens, as well as a police officer in tunisia. Six other French nationals, were injured. In the aftermath, the tunisian authorities proceeded to the arrest of twenty people, claiming to have dismantled “80% of the cell” involved. A few months later, eight of them, including the man one time presented as the main responsible, are released. During the investigation, the civil party lawyers as the French have repeatedly denounced the “shadow zones”.

A lot of confusion and doubts

The trial had opened on the sly in the summer of 2017, without any prior notice. The first two hearings were dominated by great confusion. After The new yorker , two lawyers of the civil parties have also expressed their perplexity in a letter sent in October to the prime minister, Édouard Philippe. My Géraldine Berger-Strenger and Gérard Chemla is expressed, in particular, their “doubts about the capacity of the tunisian courts to manage this process in conditions of transparency and fairness acceptable”. They claim to have had only restricted access to the folder, a lack of translation. Me Philippe de Veulle, who defended five of the French victims, has decided to boycott the hearing.

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The holding of this trial express is not likely to alleviate the frustration of their customers. The hearing will proceed without them. The French State has refused to take charge of their displacement. Only one retransmission on a giant screen was provided from a room of the court of appeal of Paris. “We are satisfied that the trial takes place, but angry to see that France has dropped people in the face of this dramatic situation”, laments mr Alexander Martin, who was interviewed by the Dispatch . The lawyer from toulouse, has even planned to make the trip to represent “the memory of those who were murdered and to the bench of the civil parties is not empty”.