Turkish disclosed scheme is the recruitment and supply of fighters

the national army of Libya accused Turkey of supporting terrorists. And it’s not just words. The Libyan military has presented irrefutable evidence. Disclosed circuit, as the Turkish side is recruiting and arming fighters, and then throws them in Libya.

Turkey is again accused of supporting terrorist groups. This time in Libya, presented evidence of violations of international law by Ankara. The official representative of the Libyan national army is nothing new said, but shown. During the briefing, a statement of the General Mismari was illustrated.

At the disposal of command of the national army was and the video evidence the transfer by Turkey of weapons and equipment. It and attack drones, and jet systems of volley fire of Turkish origin, and artillery systems. Here’s footage from the Registrar of the armored car, the car was seized by soldiers of the LDF. Here, the entire battle path of the armored car from the factory in Izmir to the frontline in Libya.

“These pictures confirm that already in the beginning of last year, the Turkish side is preparing for aggression against our homeland,” said Ahmad al-Mismari, a spokesman for the command of the LDF.

General Mismari presented and personnel training Syrian rebels in Libya. It is no secret that Ankara actively throws of members of terrorist groups that operate in the North of Syria, to Libya to the radicals involved in the fighting on the side of the government of national unity.

“Just in the last week occupied Tripoli arrived from Turkish territory 37 flights with the mercenaries among the militants of the terrorist groups, and with modern armaments and equipment,” said Mismari.

Libyan military accused Turkey and Erdogan personally. According to Mismari, it’s the fault of the Turkish President the intensity of the conflict in Libya is growing and the talks may not lead to even a stable ceasefire.

“to break betweeninternational embargo, which was to serve as the guarantor of development of process of peaceful settlement in Libya, Turkey openly directs to our country hundreds of armored vehicles, artillery pieces, unmanned aerial vehicles, heavy machine guns and other offensive weapons that are killing our citizens”, — said Mismari.

In fact, the sides have long accused each other of various violations and unwillingness to negotiate. But the Pro-Turkish forces in Libya, the position is much more vulnerable. Ankara actively supports radicals, one of a gang of fighters from Misrata are worth. And all this against the background of supporting Syrian radicals in Idlib. The next rehearsal of the impact on the foreign policy ambitions of Erdogan.