The women’s European Football Championship starts in England on Wednesday. From July 6th to 31st, the games will be accompanied extensively. With this overview, you won’t miss a beat.

While the men’s World Cup has to be held in winter this year, the women’s European Football Championship will take place over the next four weeks. From Wednesday, the 16 currently best national teams in Europe will be competing in England for the coveted title.

Football fans can rejoice. All 31 games will be shown both on TV and streamed on the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF. Most games are broadcast on traditional television. Ten games will be streamed online. In addition, streaming provider DAZN also broadcasts all games live.

German soccer players start the tournament on Friday

The German national team meets Denmark (July 8), Spain (July 12) and Finland (July 16) in the preliminary round. While the ZDF shows the first and third preliminary round game, the first takes over the game against Spain. All games also run on DAZN. If the DFB team progresses, ARD will also show the quarter-finals. The semifinals would be broadcast by ZDF. The final from London’s Wembley Stadium will definitely be broadcast on ARD. DAZN also shows all the games of the final round at the same time.

Christina Graf is making her tournament debut as a football reporter for ARD at the European Championships. The 36-year-old sports journalist is making her debut at the opening game between England and Austria in Manchester. Second reporter of the first is Bernd Schmelzer. At ZDF, Norbert Galeske and Claudia Neumann are responsible for the live reports. Presenter Claus Lufen and expert Nia Künzer present the ARD broadcasts. The moderator of the ZDF programs is Sven Voss, the station’s new TV expert is Kathrin Lehmann.

Women’s Soccer Championship: Where is which game?

EM-Group A:

July 6 (9 p.m.): England – Austria (ARD/DAZN)

July 7 (9 p.m.): Norway – Northern Ireland (ARD-Mediathek/DAZN)

July 11 (6 p.m.): Austria – Northern Ireland (ZDF-Mediathek/DAZN)

July 11 (9 p.m.): England – Norway (ZDF/DAZN)

July 15 (9 p.m.): Northern Ireland – England (ARD/DAZN)

July 15 (9 p.m.): Austria – Norway (ARD/DAZN)

EM Group B:

July 8 (6 p.m.): Spain – Finland (ZDF/DAZN)

July 8 (9 p.m.): Germany – Denmark (ZDF/DAZN)

July 12 (6 p.m.): Denmark – Finland (ARD/DAZN)

July 12 (9 p.m.): Germany – Spain (ARD/DAZN)

July 16 (9 p.m.): Finland v Germany (ZDF/DAZN)

July 16 (9 p.m.): Denmark – Spain (ZDF-Mediathek/DAZN)

EM Group C:

July 9 (6 p.m.): Portugal – Switzerland (ARD/DAZN)

July 9th (9 p.m.): Netherlands – Sweden (ARD-Mediathek/DAZN)

July 13 (6 p.m.): Sweden – Switzerland (ZDF/DAZN)

July 13 (9 p.m.): Netherlands – Portugal (ZDF/DAZN)

July 17 (6 p.m.): Switzerland – Netherlands (ZDF-Mediathek/DAZN)

July 17 (6 p.m.): Sweden – Portugal (ZDF media library /DAZN)

EC Group D:

July 10 (6 p.m.): Belgium – Iceland (ARD-Mediathek/DAZN)

July 10 (9 p.m.): France – Italy (ARD-Mediathek/DAZN)

July 14 (6 p.m.): Italy – Iceland (ARD/DAZN)

July 14 (9 p.m.): France – Belgium (ARD/DAZN)

July 18 (9 p.m.): Iceland – France (ZDF-Mediathek/DAZN)

July 18 (9 p.m.): Italy – Belgium (ZDF-Mediathek/DAZN)

Sources: Kicker, with DPA material