2:10 p.m., The first: Red roses

Sandra finds out about Nici’s crush and realizes that her daughter is in love. She continues to look for the handsome footballer – with success! Shortly thereafter, Nici learns more about the young man with the number 7. His name is Finn and he is Bernd’s son. Anette finally finds the perfect apartment, with one catch – the owner is Carla. And the two women don’t get along at all. Will Anette still be awarded the contract?

3:10 p.m., The First: Storm of Love

To prevent Erik from testifying, Ariane sends her henchman Orlow on Josie, who kidnaps her. Constanze manages to postpone the hearing and thus Erik’s incriminating testimony in order to gain time. When Michael gives Rosalie a chance to explain herself, she emphasizes that she loves Michael and regrets her affair with Raphael. Although the two decide to give their relationship another chance, Michael has serious doubts and makes a momentous observation.

5:30 p.m., RTL: Among us

While Eva feels bad about avoiding Dominic, Dominic is hurt by her behavior. How strong are your fears? As a farewell, Rufus’ friends demand a sample of his grandly announced new work. Too bad Rufus hasn’t written a word yet. Tobias wants to keep Marie in check over the holidays with a special project. Little does he know that Marie hasn’t given up on her own project yet.

7:05 p.m., RTL: Everything that counts

Maximilian notices that the argument between Justus and Malu is getting more and more violent. He decides to use this to his advantage. Lucie tries to find a way to get Isabelle’s rights to Leyla’s name back. Deniz gives her an idea. Daniela has little desire to stand in for Isabelle during her vacation at the Prunkwerk. No representation would also have consequences for Kim.

7:40 p.m., RTL: Good times, bad times

Tobias assures Michi that he was not addicted to gambling. He just committed a youthful sin and hasn’t even thought about betting for years. Luis makes bitter accusations against Moritz and makes no move to desist from his desperate plan. Moritz can no longer get close to him and, being overwhelmed, confides in Nina and Toni.