U.S. terminates a trade deal with China

the US President Donald trump has decided to terminate the trade deal with China amid speculation in the US about the origin of the coronavirus from China. This was stated by the American Advisor on trade Peter Navarro.

“She stopped,” said Navarro in the TV channel Fox News on the question of whether the terminated transaction.

According to him, the deal was signed on January 15. “By the time they were two months knew about the outbreak and has sent hundreds of thousands of people in this country to spread it. Just a few minutes after the plane with the delegation departed, we began to receive information about the pandemic. I think that was a turning point,” said Navarro.

In January, the United States and China signed the first part of a trade agreement in which China pledged to increase purchases of American goods from the level of 2017, 200 billion dollars over two years (procurement of goods 165 billion and 35 billion for services). So the US expects to bring the trade imbalance with China to a “fair” indicator. In addition, Beijing promised to strengthen protection of copyrights and easier access to its market.