A doctor wanted to book a plane ticket – and found that British Airways apparently did not allow women to use the salutation “Dr.” could claim.

British Airways is a large, modern British airline, comparable to Lufthansa in Germany. One expects up-to-date service here. But a customer made an amazing discovery – and shared it on Twitter. Many couldn’t believe what they were hearing. However, when buying tickets online on the British Airways website, it appears that women cannot use the salutation “Dr.” to choose, although of course women can also carry this academic title. But for those who originally programmed the site, that seemed inconceivable.

If a man wants to buy plane tickets with the salutation “Dr.” buy: no problem. For women, however, there is only the choice of “Miss” or “Mrs.” After the affected customer made this public, there was a lot of protest on the internet. Her tweet was liked almost 240,000 times and shared around 20,000 times.

British Airways does not recognize women as doctors

And in the numerous comments, another problem of the British airline came to light: many women reported that they had bought plane tickets for themselves and their (male) partner and online accordingly themselves as the first passenger and as the owner of the credit card used for the payment was used. However, only the male passenger subsequently received news and current updates on the flight. This is reminiscent of times when women could not make their own decisions, were not allowed to open accounts and were not allowed to start a job without the consent of their husbands.

British Airways has since apologized and said: “We are very sorry that there is a technical error with a drop-down selection on our website. We are investigating this at full speed.” Whether that’s true remains to be seen, because in the comments to the original tweet, a user shared a screenshot: She had brought this issue to the attention of the airline in 2019, and even then she had been assured that it would be taken care of. But obviously nothing had happened since then.

Quelle:   Twitter, “Daily Mail”