Dress up for prom, those are the rules. But do boys have to wear a boring suit? 16-year-old Kaden from England didn’t feel like it.

His wish had been clear for years: “At the age of 12, my son told me that he wanted to wear a dress to his school prom. Four years later we put it into practice,” writes Nina Green, the mother of the today 16-year-old Kaden, on Twitter. The boy didn’t believe in wearing a boring, dark suit, as male ball-goers usually do. Instead, he turned up in a stunning outfit for the big event at Archbishop Sancroft School in Norfolk, England.

As great as it looked, it was still a bold move. At this age in particular, young people are often not particularly sensitive to one another. Kaden violated the unwritten rules of society with his look and he accepted being ridiculed or insulted for his dream outfit.

Kaden wanted to wear a ball gown

But apparently we as a society have actually grown and become more open in recent years, because Kaden was received enthusiastically by his classmates. Cheering and clapping, they welcomed him to the school. Kaden’s entire year is “extremely great,” says his mother Nina. She is “very happy” for her son. “When he got out of the car everyone cheered and I cried, a few of the teachers cried just because he could be who he wanted to be.” The 16-year-old had a fabulous evening.

His mother also shared a photo of the boy in his red ball gown on Twitter. And when she looked at her cell phone the next morning, the post had practically exploded: more than 120,000 people had liked the photos of the happy Kaden, and the tweet was shared more than 3,500 times. Even several celebrities commented on the pictures. Nina Green is incredibly proud – but not of the many likes, but of her self-confident son, who has excellent taste in fashion!

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