British Prime Minister Johnson is still under great pressure in the “Partygate” affair and is not aware of any guilt. The opposition sees it differently.

In the “Partygate” affair, the opposition accused British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of shifting the blame for rule-breaking in Downing Street onto others.

“His full responsibility is that he has delegated responsibility to lower-ranking staff who have been fined and taken the blame for what happened under his government, under his leadership,” she said Labor politician Lisa Nandy of the BBC. “He’s not sorry he did it, he’s sorry he got caught.”

Johnson had announced the day before that he would take full responsibility for the lockdown celebrations at the seat of government. At the same time, he distanced himself from the incidents. The “work meetings” that he had judged the events to be only got out of hand after he left. An investigative report found that alcohol was consumed in large quantities at the parties. High officials had planned the meetings and covered them up. The author of the report, top official Sue Gray, accuses the top government of serious misconduct and leadership failure.

Across the country, people who have always followed the corona rules and have not been able to say goodbye to dying relatives felt “deeply humiliated” by Johnson, said Nandy. Trust has gone. “Trust is the glue that holds the political system together, and when this trust is gone, the whole system collapses,” said the politician. That is why the consequences are so devastating for most people in the country.

Government officials defended Johnson. Several leading politicians from Johnson’s Conservative Party emphasized that he had apologized and that was the end of the matter. Now you have to look ahead.