British Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to be sliding from one crisis to the next. Now he is said to have fired an old acquaintance who campaigned for Brexit with Johnson.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is increasingly under pressure, has reportedly sacked his old colleague Michael Gove from the cabinet.

Gove was considered one of the biggest heavyweights in the British Cabinet. He had already campaigned alongside Johnson in the 2016 election campaign for the Brexit referendum. However, the relationship between the two was always marked by competition.

According to reports, Gove recently opposed Johnson and called on the scandal-ridden prime minister to resign on Wednesday morning.

Gove has held various posts in government over the years. Most recently, the Conservative politician was responsible for Johnson’s plan to equalize living conditions in Great Britain as Minister for Building and Housing.

Johnson faced a spate of calls for his resignation from his group and cabinet on Wednesday. However, he announced that he would not voluntarily give up his position.