Ukraine is waiting for - will be fined if Zelensky and arrest Poroshenko

In Ukraine, the court fined the leadership of the presidential administration, the chief sanitary doctor, Deputy health Minister and several officials. He paid for what he drank coffee in cafes during the quarantine. The company and the President Zelensky. But against him the case was suspended. The court wanted to explain the constitutional provisions on immunity of the President.

From 17 to 170 thousand hryvnias for coffee. In Ukraine, the main news again was the arbitrary behavior of the President. Despite the quarantine, during his visit to Khmelnytsky region, he went to one of the cafes that technically is a violation of the quarantine restrictions – to remove them in the region expect only to July 5.

the Administrative record immediately made himself Zelensky repented publicly and promised to pay the fine, and the chief sanitary doctor stood up for the President. Violation issued for checking.

“I’m willing to pay a penalty if you broke something”.

“yesterday, We were walking down the street, wanted to bring coffee, but the restaurant owners or businesses that want to open early, contacted us and asked to see the fulfilment of the rules in the cafe. We just came to check in, see” — explains the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine and Deputy Minister of health Viktor Lyashko.

whatever it was, Khmelnitsky city district court decided to suspend proceedings and referred the case to the Supreme Court. What rule has been violated by the President, will have to understand there this is not the first administrative report Zelensky.

“the Police are not the first to fine President. When in April 2019 Vladimir Zelensky showed his ballot to the press, he was fined for violating the secrecy of voting, and the authorities the police will consider this question”, — said the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.

by the Way, the wife Zelensky sick with coronavirus and continues to stay at home. This, too, they say, and, even for myelling in Turkey. However, looks like Elena Zelensky, Turkish journalists do not seem to know – they have an article accompanied by a photograph of former actor with Vera Brezhneva. Photo taken with the poster of the film “8 best dates”, where Brezhnev and Zelensky played together.

the Second discussed the Ukraine news is again about the court and the President, but the former. Poroshenko is suspected that he forced former head of foreign intelligence Service of Yegor God to appoint his Deputy Sergei Semochko, who held the position of head of the Kyiv Department of the security Service of Ukraine.

Investigators are already preparing the petition for arrest eks-the President and press secretaries go all the way up to very very personal circumstances that the measure of restraint wasn’t chosen. Now they increasingly draw attention to the death of his father Poroshenko, in order to distract the press from the circumstances of the criminal case. Even appointed the funeral on the day of the meeting – June 18.

the Prosecutor’s office, by the way, went to meet Poroshenko and moved the meeting on 1 July that the former President could say goodbye to her father.

Another good news for the policy was the closure of the proceedings on the appointment of the Prime Minister in the absence of coalition intervention in the activities of the Kiev court and appointment of members of the High Council of justice. These three proceedings were closed for lack of evidence. The business intelligence is still open, but lawyers are trying to ruin him. Including with the participation of the masses, as is usual in Ukraine.

Immediately after the funeral Poroshenko staged a rally organized crowd and demanded the resignation Zelensky. In the crowd, on the classics – men embroidered with the flags of Ukraine, nationalist symbols and portraits of Poroshenko. Some carried with them the tires, just in case.

New, they also created the Ukrainian Church, by the way, stood up for Poroshenko, but the ex-President until the return step is not done. UOC is also under eelozoj. Officially it is known that since November last year under investigation in the case “of inciting ethnic hatred.” If you remember all the beatings of believers, destruction of churches and persecution, there is nothing surprising in this, but the representatives of the new Church in this, if not see and put up the investigation against those who organized the riots and attacks, unreasonable, and even threatening divine punishment to all who participate in it, referring to the Scriptures.