The war in Ukraine rages on unabated – diplomacy currently has no chance. Diplomacy can only be used again if one of the warring parties sees no benefit in continuing the war, says military expert Carlo Masala.

The military expert Carlo Masala currently sees no possibility of ending the war in Ukraine through diplomatic channels. Masala said on Friday in the stern podcast “Ukraine – the situation” that negotiations would only have a chance of success if at least one side came to the conclusion that they could not expect any benefit from continuing the war. “Then the window for diplomacy will open, before that it won’t exist,” said the politics professor at the Bundeswehr University in Munich. At the moment we were going through “a phase of war”.

Keep Russians at bay

According to Masala, the promised deliveries of modern weapons to Ukraine in the past few days are intended to keep the Russians at bay. Whether it will be possible to stop the advance in the Donbass remains to be seen; the Russian advances are “very concentrated, very powerful”. Masala expects that, depending on the course of the war, a discussion could arise about the supply of weapons systems that would allow the Ukrainians to regain territory. “Here we are again with what the West has probably deliberately not delivered up to now, there we are with battle tanks and possibly we are also with fighter planes that are with NATO partners and are still of Soviet design,” he says.